Different Types of Mandevilla (Photos)

Rocktrumpet In pot

Mandevilla is often called Chilean jasmine or rock trumpet. These beautiful vines can grow up to 20-feet long in zones 9 to 11. If you do not live in those zones, you can grow it as a houseplant.

Mandevilla plants are heavy feeder who needs plenty of humidity. It prefers to be in the bright sun. Allow this plant to dry out slightly between waterings.

Several different choices are available in this spring-blooming plant.

Mandevilla Alice du Pont


The Mandevilla Alice du Pont grows up to 20-feet tall in zones 9 and 10, where you can leave it in the ground throughout the year. It grows up to 5-feet tall when planted in a container with a trellis to climb. It puts on bright red flowers with yellow throats that can be up to 4-inches across in the summer. Each flower consists of five rounded lobes. The oblong wrinkled leaves on this option are dark green.

Mandevilla Splendens


The Mandevilla splendens puts on pink trumpet flowers in the late spring or early summer. Each flower has a yellow throat. The rectangular-shaped leaves on this option are dark green. It will tolerate a little shade, but flowers more abundantly when planted in the full sun. Flowers appear near the top of the plant. You can encourage them to bloom lower by pinching this plant back. Pruning it also creates a stockier plant that stands up better.

Mandevilla sanderi


The Mandevilla Sanderi is one of the fastest-growing Mandevilla species. It will grow about 23 inches annually when planted outside in warmer frost-free zones. At maturity, it will be about 15-feet tall. The large red flowers with yellow stamen on this plant can be up to 12-inches across. Each flower has a short yellow throat. Two to three flowers grow on each stem from mid-summer through early autumn.

Mandevilla boliviensis


The Mandevilla boliviensis produces white flowers on a woody stem growing to be about 10-feet tall. Each flower has a yellow throat. This option is often called white Dipladenia thrives in zones 10 to 11. If you want a shorter plant, then prune it back in the spring. If left alone, it will spread to be about 6-feet wide. The summer-blooming flowers on this plant contrast beautifully with its dark green leaves.

Mandevilla x ‘Sunmandecrim’

Rocktrumpet Mandevilla Sunmandecrim

Often called the Mandevilla sun parasol, this option grows up to 15-feet tall. Unlike most Mandevillas, you can plant this option in partial shade. It thrives in zones 10 and 11. Bright red flowers grow on this choice from spring to early fall. Each of the flowers can grow to be 5-inches wide. This option puts on flowers from its top to its bottom, making it a real showstopper. Choose your planting space carefully as this plant often spreads to be over 30-inches wide. Give this choice a strong support system as the woody vine can get weak or prune it back in the spring to create a stockier plant.

Mandevilla Laxa


The Mandevilla is a hardy choice that can produce up to 15 white flowers on each stem. Each of these flowers with a tinge of yellow in their throats can be up to 3-inches wide. Each flower has five very wide lobes. The bright green leaves on this option are up to 3-inches long, and they create a beautiful contrast with the flowers on this plant that blooms throughout the summer.

Growing Tips

Mandevilla are beautiful vining flowers. If you live in a colder climate, grow them in large containers. Prune them back to create stockier plants. Enjoy their beautiful flowers. While most options have beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers, the flowers are flatter on other choices.