11 Florida Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Florida Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

No one can deny that mosquitoes are annoying. They can be especially troublesome in hot, humid places like Florida.

Luckily, nature always finds a way to help us out.

Here, we’re covering 11 Florida plants that will repel – or even kill – mosquitoes.

Continue on and learn what these helpful plants are and how you can grow them yourself.

1. Lavender


Related to mint, the scent of lavender is wonderful to humans but hated by mosquitoes. Plant lavender where it can get lots of sunshine and avoid over-watering it. Once the lavender has grown, it will keep away many insect pests like fleas and moths as well as mosquitoes. If you want to, you can even harvest some to keep by your bed to help you sleep comfortably.

2. Catnip


Catnip is a great choice for welcoming some visitors while repelling others. The scent of it doesn’t travel far, so it’s wise to plant catnip as close as possible to areas you want to keep mosquito-free. Like lavender, the soil for catnip needs to be drained well. Water it just enough to keep the upper inch moist. You may need to set up protection for this plant to keep cats from suffocating it with love!

3. Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums aren’t just great for repelling unwanted visitors, they’re great for killing them. Critters like mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and lice don’t stand a chance thanks to the pyrethrum the plant produces. If you decide to use these flowers to keep away the pests, make sure to water them regularly. Chrysanthemums will also need plant food until the flowers begin to open. At that point, you can sit back and enjoy the rewards.

4. Marigolds


Most flowers have a scent that is neutral, if not pleasant, but mosquitoes simply can’t stand the smell of Marigolds. Additionally, their hardy nature makes them easier to grow than some of the other plants on this list. Just make sure they are able to get a lot of sunlight. When watering them, avoid getting water on the flowers because it can cause them to rot.

5. Rosemary


Who doesn’t love a plant that can keep pests away and make for a delicious seasoning? Rosemary is great for keeping away both flies and mosquitoes. It’s also a plant that doesn’t need a lot of water, which is great for those of us who may forget from time to time. As long as it is watered at least every two weeks and receives plenty of sunlight, rosemary is sure to grow well.

6. Lemongrass


Using citronella oil to keep pests away, lemongrass is another great plant option. Much like rosemary, lemongrass is also useful as an herb. You can use it to avoid mosquito bites and add it to your dinner for a bit of zest. Lemongrass does very well in hot climates with a lot of sunlight. Just make sure not to water it too often. This is a plant that prefers less rather than more when it comes to water.

7. Alliums


If you aren’t interested in taking the standard route, alliums might be the plant for you. With their unique appearance, they add to your landscape while keeping away mosquitoes, slugs, and other pesky insects. Like many of the other plants on this list, alliums need a lot of sunlight and just a touch of water. For the best look, pair them up with some fuller, shorter plants.

8. Citronella


The smell of citronella is often familiar to those who spend a lot of time outdoors. Numerous bug repellent products make use of this scent because it does such a great job of keeping mosquitoes away. Furthermore, citronella is a pretty easy plant to care for. It just needs soil that drains well and a decent amount of sunlight. Unlike some other plants on this list, citronella can handle cooler temperatures as long as you take extra care of it.

9. Basil


Plants with multiple uses are hard not to appreciate. Basil works not only as an herb for your favorite recipes but also as a method for keeping mosquitoes away. The only tricky part of this plant is that it starts to suffer if the temperature falls below 80. Aside from that, sunshine and well-drained soil are all you need to keep this plant happy.

10. Wormwood


Not all insect-repelling plants are beautiful, but wormwood certainly is. It keeps the outdoors looking lush and green while also keeping mosquitoes, ants, and even mice at a distance. Give wormwood just enough water to keep the soil moist and it will flourish. You’ll also want to keep this plant in a sunny area where it’s unlikely to get wet often. If there’s one thing wormwood hates, it’s too much water!

11. Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous Plants

Nature seems to have an answer to everything. Carnivorous plants like the Venus flytrap and the pitcher plant are the solution to growing in soil without enough nutrients. Instead of relying on the ground, these plants will eat any insects unlucky enough to travel into them. Both types of carnivorous plants don’t need any kind of special soil, but they do need high levels of humidity.