15 Plants that Attract Hummingbirds

As a child, one of my favorite pastimes was watching the hummingbirds flutter about in my parent’s garden. They always seemed to be around the feeders and certain plants, but I never realized that they are attracted to the color red until much later in life. Today, I plant quite a few red plants that attract hummingbirds because they are a joy to have in my garden. The blooms do not have to be red to attract hummingbirds; any pollen heavy plant will keep them in your garden. In this guide, we will look at 15 plants that you can grow to attract these delightful creatures to your garden.

1) Salvia


The bright red tubular flowers on a red salvia plant draw in hummingbirds, but the other varieties provide the nectar they need to pollinate. The blooms on these plants range from red and pink to lovely shades of blue and purple. Salvia grows best in zones eight to 11; they thrive in full sun and well-draining soil.

2) Cardinal Flower


With long stalks that can reach two feet in height, these flowers are great for attracting hummingbirds. The red blooms are positioned well above the foliage, which makes them easy to locate. They grow best in well-draining soil and full to partial sun. Cardinal flowers, also known as lobelia, will grow best in zones three to eight.

3) Delphiniums


This is a plant that has a lot of nectar, so it is sure to attract hummingbirds. Typically, the blooms are blue in color, but there are varieties that are pink, red, yellow, and white. Growing best in zones three through seven, with full to partial sun, they can grow to a height of up to eight feet.

4) Chilean Glory Flower


This is a climbing plant that grows from late spring until early fall in zones 10 and 11. The bright red, yellow, and orange, trumpet-shaped blooms are great for attracting hummingbirds. These plants grow best in full sun, and with proper care, they can grow up to 15 feet in a single season.

5) Weigela


The reddish, pink blooms that are on this plant are great for attracting hummingbirds to your garden in the spring and summer. Since these plants like full sun and well-drained soil, they tend to grow best in zones four through eight. They can grow to be nine feet tall with proper care.

6) Gayfeather


This is another great option if you want to have tall plants in your garden. The plants can grow to heights of up to three feet with vibrant purple blooms on the top of the foliage. They grow best in zones three through nine, especially if they can grow in an area with full sun.

7) Foxglove


Foxglove, which grows best in zones four through 10, is a plant that can easily grow to six feet in height. The blooms of this plant can be red, pink, purple, and yellow. They can grow in full to partial sun as well as in the shade; they also prefer well-draining soil.

8) Hollyhock


Growing best in zones three through nine, hollyhocks are great for attracting hummingbirds, especially if the blooms are red or burgundy in color. Typically, these plants prefer full sun and well-draining soil to grow. They are short-lived perennials, but they will reseed themselves in your garden. Most hollyhocks grow to be nearly nine feet tall.

9) Mexican Sunflower


This bright red and yellow flower is ideal for attracting hummingbirds to your outdoor space. This is a plant that grows best in the warmer climate of zones 10 and 11. However, it can grow in zones three through 10. It likes full sun to partial shade, and with the right care, it can grow to be six feet high.

10) Yarrow


Yarrow is a plant that grows best in zones three through nine. The blooms are small, but they grow in large clusters that can be red, orange, yellow, and pink in color. These clusters are great at attracting hummingbirds as well as butterflies. In addition, these drought-tolerant plants thrive in full sun.

11) Bee Balm


Loved by bees, the bee balm is a plant that has bright blooms that attract hummingbirds as well. They grow best in zones four through nine, especially when they are growing in an area with plenty of sunlight. With the right care, these plants can grow to heights of up to four feet.

12) Coral Honeysuckle


Honeysuckle is a great plant to attract pollinators, but if you are looking to bring hummingbirds to your garden, coral honeysuckles are an ideal option. This is a plant that grows well in zones four through 10, and the vines can grow to be up to 25 feet in length. The blooms come in shades of red and pink.

13) Hummingbird Petunia


As the name implies, this is a great plant to have in your garden if you want to attract hummingbirds. The flower is a bright, scarlet red color, which will add a splash of color to the garden as well. This is a plant that grows well in well-drained soil with full to partial sun, and it can be found growing in zones five through nine.

14) Orange Trumpet Flower


The orange trumpet flower is a perennial plant that grows in zones four through nine. This vine can grow an amazing 30 to 40 feet in a season, so make sure to plant it where the roots will have space to grow. It will thrive in both full and partial sun as long as the soil drains well.

15) Fuchsia


Fuchsia is a plant that has bright jewel-toned blooms that can easily attract hummingbirds. It grows best in zones seven through nine, and it will bloom from early spring until the first frost of the year. These plants look great in hanging baskets, but they grow best in full sun and pots with good drainage.