15 Unique and Creative Succulent Planter Ideas


Succulent plants are the perfect solution to a dry summer that has not had a lot of rain. These types of plants thrive in any weather, but planting them in plain everyday pots can dim their potential. In addition, some planters may fade in the sun, which will diminish the look that you are shooting for in your garden. Instead, try to aim a little higher and create planters for your succulents that are eye catching and a point of interest for anyone who walks through your yard.

Below is a list of 15 great planter ideas that you can easily make at home. I have included a lot of great ideas in this list, but there is one succulent planter that I absolutely adore. The ninth entry on our list is one that incorporates a wagon wheel into the design. I love this idea because you can create your own unique planter each time you use this design by changing the succulents that you plant. Maybe you want one planter to feature more green plants, or perhaps you prefer plants with a reddish tint. The option is yours, so let your creative side lead the way.

Another one of the ideas that jumps out at me is the last one on the list. I love a glass of wine, but nothing is more appealing to me than reusing a wine bottle that I would have simply thrown away. The wine bottle makes a beautiful succulent planter that will look great as a walkway accent or a standalone piece.

1. Abstract Geometrical Sphere Planter


The first planter on our list is one that features see-through sides. This is a great idea because it allows you the chance to layer stones and other accents into the soil. Each triangle in this geometrical shape has a copper border that adds a rustic feel to the planter.

2. Pinecone Hanging Planter

Source: Pinterest japan

Who knew that planting succulents directly into a pinecone would create such a beautiful hanging planter? This idea is perfect if you want to add some flavor to your porch. I like that the string is not overly visible, so your focus remains on the plant.

3. Old Shoe Planter


An old shoe is the perfect succulent planter for a lush garden. The plant will grow into the mold of a shoe and make its way down the side. This design makes your garden seem like an overgrown treasure trove full of interesting things that have been taken over by the plants that live there.

4. Fish Bowl Planters


These three sphere planters are beautiful hanging planters that give you a glimpse into the world of the succulent from all sides. You can add beautiful colored stones into the soil to add a bit of flair to the planter. As you can see in the image, a few white stones really make the planter pop.

5. Mason Jar Planter


This image shows two different types of planters that look great. The first is a mason jar, which can make an attractive terrarium that you can customize. The second idea seen here is a small concrete planter that will give your succulents some height.

6. Clay Pottery Planter


This planter resembles a mug, but you can make a clay planter to be any design that you want. This creative planter shows all the cracks and imperfections of the clay, but it also adds a lot of personality to your planted succulents.

7. Lovely Log Planter


The first thing that catches your eye in this image is the colorful succulents that are growing out of the log in an almost natural way. The plants come out of the top of the log, which leaves the sides with a natural look that will make your garden look amazing.

8. Basket Planter


This idea has several aspects to it that will make an amazing looking home for your succulents. Plant some larger succulents that vary in size or color in a basket. Then place several smaller clay pots around the basket to add accents to the focal point of the plants. This planter will look great on the edge of a deck.

9. Wagon Wheel of Wonders

Source: Pinterest

This creative idea is great for a large garden. The planter can be placed directly on the soil or it can be a raised planter, either way it can be a way to incorporate your succulent plants right into the décor of your back yard. Use different sizes, shapes, and colors to make this planter an interesting accent that will wow your friends.

10. Rock Planter


A hollow rock is the perfect location for a few small succulents. This image shows a rock that is filled with several different variations of succulents, which can be a head turner when it is located next to a garden walkway or near the edge of a small pond.

11. Pillar Planters


The pillars shown here are a great way to position a few planters evenly across a banister or the edge of a deck or patio. They are simple, concrete planters that show all the imperfections of the concrete, but they add personality to your succulents. You can even paint them to fit your style.

12. Wooden Planter


This chimney-shaped planter is the perfect idea to place on the corner of your deck banister. The wood is painted, but it is old and worn, which gives it a rustic look to complement your style. The succulents shown here look amazing in this planter, especially where they hang out over the edge.

13. Star-Shaped Planters

Source: SG Plants

These star-shaped planters are great for anyone who likes to create their own planters. The wood is perfectly sanded, and it can be painted to match your pre-existing garden features if you like. You can also create the heart planters shown here or other shapes that would look great in your garden.

14. Surfer’s Delight

Source: Up Cycle That 

Incorporating surf boards into your garden décor is a simple. This green surf board has the middle cut out, which leaves space for the plants to make a home in the center of the board. You can hang this planter on the wall, or you can lean it up against something to create a more unique look.

15. Wine Planter

Source: Ideas 2 Live 4

Recycle and reuse. This planter is a wine bottle that has been redesigned into a space that is perfect for a smaller succulent. The plant hanging over the edge is a great look for a deck or patio.