11 Different Types of Echeveria (Photos)

Echeverias is a Central American succulent that grows in a rosette shape with fleshy leaves. They are a favorite in terrariums, artwork, and other places because their shape resembles a flower. They may flower and set leaves many times throughout their lives. Some bloom only once a year, usually in late winter or early spring, but others bloom more frequently.

These succulents look great in a rock garden, and they require very little care. Most thrive in direct sunlight, and they are very drought tolerant.

There are over 150 species, but in this article will take a look at 11 popular options. With so many different choices, you can easily find options to grow as houseplants and outside.

Echeveria ‘Afterglow’

Don Worth created this hybrid by crossing echeveria cante and echeveria shaviana. This succulent that can have a 16-inch diameter and grows up to 24-inches tall produces orange-red flowers in the summer and has broad pinkish-lavender leaves bordered in pink. It will not survive if it does not get at least six hours of sunlight daily.

Echeveria ‘Black Prince’

This hybrid was created by crossing echeveria affinis x echeveria shaviana. When fully mature, this succulent usually has a 3-to-6-inch diameter and can be up to 8-inches tall. New leaves start green, but they soon turn deep brown/black. If the plant is grown in full sun and gets very little water, then the leaves can turn coppery orange.

Echeveria ‘Blue Atoll’

Also called Mexican hen and chicks, this echeveria can have up to a 10-inch diameter and can be up to 5-inches tall. It regularly puts off baby echeverias without any human intervention. The blue-green leaves are cupped, and in the plant’s center is often found a stalk with a hanging, bell-shaped, orange-yellow flower.

Ruffled Echeveria

This echeveria can grow up to 12-inches tall and have a 10-inch diameter. It has numerous ruffled grey-green leaves bordered in pink. In the late summer, if this plant gets plenty of sun, then the pink turns into a bright red. This plant produces tall stalks bearing red-orange flowers in later summer.

Echeveria ‘Tippy’

The slightly cupped, blue-green leaves on this echeveria have a pinkish tip. A white-powdery substance covers each leaf. This plant can grow up to 6-inches tall, and it can have a 10-inch diameter. It produces orange, bell-shaped flowers on a stalk during the spring and summer.

Echeveria agavoides ‘Ebony’

The gray-green leaves on this succulent have a border around their top half. While the border is red near where it starts, it becomes chocolate-colored or deep purple near the tip where each leaf has a spine. This plant grows to be six-inches tall and has a 12-inch diameter. This succulent puts on reddish-pink flowers tipped in yellow in the late winter.

Echeveria derenbergii

This Southern Mexico native can grow up to 3 inches in diameter and up to 4-inches tall. Its dusky-green, triangular leaves have red margins and are covered in a waxy substance, called farina. This succulent produces multiple bloom stalks that are under 4-inches tall with each stalk containing up to six yellow, star-shaped flowers.

Echeveria elegans ( Mexican Snowball)

The echeveria elegans can grow up to 8-inches tall and 4-inches wide. It offsets easily, making it useful as a groundcover. The spoon-shaped leaves on this succulent are silvery green. In the early spring, this echeveria sends up red shoots with pink flowers tipped in yellow.

Echeveria nodulosa (Painted Echeveria)

This Central Mexico native can grow up to 8-inches tall and have an 8-inch diameter. In late summer or early spring, it produces stalks that can be up to 12-inches tall containing a pink star-shaped flower. Its broad, olive-green leaves have red markings along their borders in the spring, but these markings spread to the middle of the leave by mid-summer.

Echeveria peacockii

This echeveria grows up to 5-inches tall in a rosette shape with about a 4-inch diameter. It has bluish-green leaves covered in a waxy substance designed to protect it from the hot summer sun. This plant has pink tips on some leaves. It sends up an arching bloom stalk with coral, bell-shaped flowers in early summer.

Graptoveria ‘Moonglow’

Light-green leaves are found on this plant that grows up to 6-inches tall. Each rosette that can be up to 10-inches in diameter often puts off offspring that stay very close to the parent plant. This plant blooms in late winter with upright orange-yellow flowers appearing on short branches.