8 Adorable Teacup Planters

Looking for an incredible indoor or outdoor container gardening solution? Need plants that can do well in small containers or without a lot of work? This collection of teacup planter ideas may be just what you’re looking for.

Teacup planters are an interesting type of project, since the types of plants that do well in such a small container with minimal or no draining is a pretty small subsection. However, if you love succulents like we do, you’ll really dig these projects.

Teacups are very easy to find, so none of these projects will break your bank. Simply stop by a secondhand store, flea market, or an antique store and find a teacup or two that appeal to you, then pick out your succulents and a bit of potting soil and get to work! In an afternoon, you can have an army of these cute little planters.

We hope you’ll enjoy each of these variations on the traditional teacup planter!

1. Teacup Succulent Planters


Image by: DIY Show Offs

If you’ve been following us long, you probably know that we’re a big fan of succulents. They are the perfect plants to keep in small, shallow displays–just like a tea cup. Since the soil of succulents don’t require a lot of draining, as you simply mist the plants, they’re perfect to keep in fragile planters. You won’t have to use a specialized bit to drill holes in the delicate china before adding your plants. We love this project because it’s such a beautiful way to re-use the mismatched tea cups that are found in antique stores. So classy, so pretty. Get the full instructions for this project at DIY Show Offs.

2. Succulent Teacup Planter


Image by: A Golden Afternoon

Here’s another variation on the teacup succulent planter. There is an incredible variety of succulents available, so you can choose large, flower-shaped succulents, like the one shown above, or choose more delicate plants. This tutorial shows how to use clippings–meaning you don’t need to purchase new plants if you already have established ones elsewhere in your home or garden. Glue the teacup to the saucer or leave it be–the choice is up to you!

3. Succulent Teacup Garden


Image by: Epheriell Designs

If you’d prefer more than one little teacup, find a variety of sizes and patterns and create a display of succulents. We love the way that many different styles and patterns come together with nothing more than a color pallet in common. Each cup has a different variety of succulent, making for a diverse, but beautiful and elegant display.

4. Tea Set With Cacti

Image by: The Garden Frog

So far we’ve seen a lot of succulents, which are part of the cacti family. Succulents are a great way to bring the style indoors, but what if you’d like to get a similar look outside in your garden? Cacti are typically larger (and more prickly!), but they are just as drought resistant and low maintenance as succulents are. We love the way this oversized tea set is paired with a teapot to round out the design! Of course, if you do choose to keep yours outside, you’ll want to ensure that they have drainage holes so they don’t drown in a sudden onset of rain!

5. Tea Cup Sconce Planter

Image by: Intelligent Domestications

If you’re more a fan of flowering plants than succulents, you’re sure to love this delicate wall planter. This is a great project for indoors or out, shown here on the porch. This is a unique take on hanging baskets, which tend to get less shade than this planter will. This is an easy project that only requires you to remove the wiring from the sconce before attaching the cups and saucers with gorilla glue. After it’s completely dry, go ahead and plant your lovely flowers. To get the above look, plant Portulaca, or Moss Rose, which are drought-resistant and container-friendly. To get the full instructions, visit Intelligent Domestications!

6. Mini Teacup DIY Planters


This DIY is so easy, even people who are just awful at DIY projects will find it a snap! This project features miniature teacups that were just a tad bit too small for serious tea drinking, but you can substitute any size or style that suits you. Just any old unwanted teacups will do! Other materials you’ll need include potting soil and your plants. This DIY features succulents, but you can pick any container-friendly low moisture plant that you like. Once they’re done, arrange your new planters on a windowsill or table to create a unique display!

7. Tea Cup Centerpiece for Weddings


This take on the project uses vintage, mismatched teacups to build an utterly unique centerpiece for a wedding. This is an incredibly easy project that looks great and doesn’t require a large budget to complete. Simply collect your teacups from flea markets, antique stores, or secondhand stores until you have enough, then fill them with potting soil and succulents of your choice to create an elegant, summery centerpiece that your guests will never forget.

8. Easy Teacup Planter


Image by: Dream A Little Bigger

This project is a more contemporary take on the teacup planter, opting for brand-new, contemporary white pieces instead of vintage teacups. A deeper cup is better for larger cacti, like the Spikeball Cactus shown above, but you can also plant smaller greenery in a similar way, as the plant in the gravy boat shows. To get the full project instructions, along with some awesome tips for gardeners without green thumbs, visit Dream A Little Bigger.