Printable Plant Care Tags (FREE!)

Keep Track of your Houseplants using these Cute Plant Care Tags

Our Plant Care Card Templates are a perfect way to keep track of the care of all your houseplants.

The tags are easy to print and ready for you to add the care instructions for your specific plant.

We have so many different types of plants at home that I often forget the specific plant care instructions!

Since I started using these plant tags I never forget the details, like when to water, how much sunlight, how often to fertilize, as well as ideal conditions to help them grow!

Download your printable cards today! And you can either label your houseplants or keep a binder with these tags so you can keep them organized and reference back to them.

Each printable includes 6 tags per page – simply cut and write down your plant’s care instructions 🙂


  • Printable PDF with 6 Cards Per Page
  • Each plant tag includes a section for water, sunlight, temperature, and feeding care.
  • Includes a section to label if the plant is toxic or not
  • Personalize your cards by adding your name at the bottom
  • US Letter & A4 sizes
  • Print them on sticker paper
  • You can also keep them in a binder for easy reference
  • Save to your computer device – use the template over and over again