15 Different Types of Delphinium

Different Delphinium Collage

Delphiniums can be found growing in hardiness zone three and above. This plant typically has blooms that are blue, pink, red, or purple in color, and the bright color is very effective at attracting butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.

In total, there are over 400 kinds of delphiniums that grow in this country, and the blooms often tower above the plant, which is often 7 feet tall.

Be aware that this plant is poisonous, so it may not be safe to have around little children or animals.

Let’s take a look at 15 types of delphiniums to see if you would like to plant one in your garden.

1. Delphinium Blue Lace (Candle Larkspur)

This variety has a unique bloom that has a pink center with soft blue lace along the outside of the petals. The plant can easily grow to be up to 6 feet tall, and it will grow in part or full sun conditions. This flower will attract hummingbirds and other pollinators to it.

2. Delphinium Faust(Candle Larkspur)

Delphinium Faust

The ‘Faust’ has very vivid blue-colored blooms that are attention-catching in any garden. This plant doesn’t require high maintenance, but it does best in full sun and rich soil that drains easily. The plant is very ornamental, which make sit great for a cottage garden, and bees adore it.

3. Delphinium Galahad

The Galahad is a plant that can last for a few years in your garden. It has snow-white blooms and dark green leave that stand out. The plant needs full sun exposure to do well and soil that is moderately moist and drains well. It grows to be 4 to 6 feet tall.

4. Delphinium Guardian Lavender (Candle Larkspur)

I love the pale blue and lavender flowers that you can find on this plant during the summer months. The blooms almost have a tie-dye effect that attracts butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators. They do great in full sun or part shade, but they cannot tolerate windy conditions very well.

5. Delphinium Guardian Blue

This is a variation of delphinium that has a multicolored flower that is purple and blue with white centers. Loved by hummingbirds, this is a plant that is easy to care for. It only requires full sun and average water to grow. On average, this plant grows to a height of 2 to 4 feet.

6. Delphinium Highlander Blueberry Pie

The ‘highlander blueberry pie’ is a unique looking delphinium that has soft flowers that are tints of blue with a warmer center that is light pink. It’s a flower with double petals that bloom from spring until midsummer. It will grow best in sandy or loamy soil and full sun.

7. Delphinium Highlander Bolero

The ‘highlander bolero’ is a variety of this plant that has pom-pom flowers that bloom during the summer. These are unique blooms with petals that are white towards the center with dark blue-purple fringes along the outside. They are ideal for adding height to your garden, and they are very simple to care for.

8. Delphinium Jill Curley

If you are looking for tall white blooms to brighten your garden, consider the ‘Jill Curley’ as an option. The semi-double flowers are approximately three inches in diameter, and the entire plant will grow to be between 6 and 7 feet. It grows in full sun, average moisture, and nearly any type of soil.

9. Delphinium Magic Fountain Lavender

If lavender blooms will make an ideal match for your garden, consider this variation as an option. It is a short plant that only grows to be about 3 feet tall, which makes it perfect for a small garden. It’s a very low maintenance plant that will attract hummingbirds easily.

10. Delphinium Pagan Purples

This is a variation of delphinium that has bold purple, double-blooming flowers. They are cold hardy plants that also do well in high heat and humidity. The plant can easily grow to be 6 feet tall, and it requires full or partial sunshine. It’s a plant that also prefers to grow in well-drained soil.

11. Delphinium Purple Passion

The ‘purple passion’ produces deep purple flowers from early summer until fall. In the center of the blooms, there’re a few white petals that give the flower have a bright eye that draws your attention. The plant grows to be up to 5 feet tall, and it is very tolerant of heat and humidity.

12. Delphinium Astolat Group

This is a group of Pacific Giant hybrids that are tall and sturdy. Typically, these plants have semi-double blooms that are pink or lavender in color. The flowers will bloom from early to midsummer and will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. It grows in full sun and moist soil that drains well.

13. Delphinium Black Knight Group

I love how beautiful the blooms of the delphinium black knight group are. They have a deep purple color with a tiny black eye in the center. The plant grows to be 6 feet tall, so it will require some stalking to keep it upright. It’s a very low maintenance plant.

14. Delphinium Blue Bird Group

This variety has flowers that are a softer periwinkle blue color that can easily brighten any garden. Each bloom has a white center that gives it some contrast. Growing to be 6 feet tall, this plant needs full sun and loamy or sandy soil to thrive. It also brings pollinators to your garden.

15. Delphinium King Arthur Group

This is another plant that produces flowers with a semi-double design. These blooms are royal purple with a white center that frills out from the plant. This plant does not require a lot of care. It does well in any type of soil and full sun, but it does need to be protected from strong winds.