How to Repot a Moon Cactus

The moon cactus has become a very popular houseplant in recent years. Their colorful buds and delightful curves make them an attractive indoor plant, as well as being a relatively easy plant to take care of and maintain.

Much like any plant, eventually, you will need to repot your moon cactus. While not a difficult task, there are some useful things that any moon cactus owner should keep in mind before attempting to repot a moon cactus.

How to Repot Moon Cactus

Best Time to Repot a Moon Cactus?
Typically, most plant experts and gardeners agree that the springtime is the optimal time to replant your moon cactus. At this point in the year, the cactus will be most agreeable to being moved, and is most likely to thrive if moved around this time.

How Often to Repot a Moon Cactus?
Typically, moon cacti prefer to have cramped roots, and will not require repotting more than one time every 3 to 4 years. In the wild, moon cacti frequently grow in rough terrain, such as rocky environments or low-quality soil, and are so adapted to a somewhat cramped root system.

How to Know When to Repot?
If your moon cactus roots are touching the edges of the pot, it may be a good time to repot. However, the greatest indication is when roots of the cactus begin to appear from the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. At this point, the cactus is certainly ready to repot.

Potted Moon cactus

Choosing a New Pot
As mentioned before, moon cacti don’t mind being slightly cramped, so you don’t need to pick a large pot. The biggest thing to keep in mind when repotting your moon cactus is to pick a pot that allows excess water to drain and to evaporate off. Water collection within the pot can rot your cactus and cause considerable harm to the plant.

Changing the Soil
Typically, repotting a moon cactus is done in order to change the soil within the pot. New, fresh soil is a must in order to allow your moon cactus to thrive and be healthy, as older soil has fewer nutrients to offer. You can use a store-bought cactus mix for soil, or you can mix peat soil with coarse sand when refilling a new pot for the cactus. Lightly moisten this mix before repotting the cactus into it.

Prepping the Cactus to Repot
Several days before you plan to repot the moon cactus, make sure to water it until the roots are somewhat moistened. When you’re ready to move the plant, carefully lift the plant from its pot. Place it gently into the new pot and fill in the empty spaces with the soil you have chosen to use. Make sure to allow for space at the top of the pot to water the cactus. You may want to scatter a layer of sand at the top of the new pot. Don’t water the new cactus for about a week.

There you have it! Your moon cactus is now repotted and should be in good shape for the next 3-4 years.

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