8 Different Varieties of Caladiums (Photos)

CaladiumsCaladium flowers provide a pretty broad array of different choices that make them an excellent option for many gardeners. They range in size from six inches all the way up to 36 inches or larger. And their flowers include white, red, green, pink, and much more.

The following eight Caladium flowers are among the most popular on the market and are varieties that you should consider for your home.

Candidum – A Traditional Option



The Candidum varies between 1-2 feet in size and has white and green leaves that thrive well in the sun. This plant often does best in the sun because of its unique chemistry. However, it is usually a little more demanding in other areas, meaning you need to be careful with what happens here.

Care Tips: Try to keep your soil well-drained and the plant in a little bit of shade. Though it can thrive in the sun, it does prefer a little shade. The pH balance of the soil doesn’t matter a whole lot, thankfully. And in the winter, you’ll need to bring these back indoors to avoid serious weather-related damage.

Fannie Munson – A Stunning Flower


Those who want a striking Caladium often choose this option. With its many shades of pink and red, its leaves come in extra-large sizes. In this way, this flower is among the most beautiful that you can buy in the Caladium range. Thankfully, there are also reasonably simple to take care of in most situations.

Care Tips: Expect growths of up to 24 inches when you keep your plant in partial or complete shade. It is not particular to most soil types, meaning it is very easy to grow. Most plants of this type prefer moist conditions, though make sure you avoid root rot by keeping the soil damp but not overfilled.

Carolyn Whorton – A Large Beauty


Those who want a reasonably large Caladium will enjoy this plant. It can grow up to 30 inches tall and is usually red, pink, and green. Expect to see a pretty broad array of different shades throughout this plant, each of which looks great when you carefully balance them throughout your garden.

Care Tips: Unlike many Caladium, this plant can do well in full sun, though it often does better in shade or partially shaded areas. Their soil needs are also quite simple, as they can thrive in just about any condition. Try to grow them in the summer and water them when their soil is dry.

Freida Hemple – A Fancy and Decorative Option


This Caladium has a broad range of sizes, including as small as 12 inches all the way up to 24 inches. Keep them at least 18 inches apart to avoid root problems. These dark green plants have a very dark-red center, meaning that they can be pretty beautiful and brooding in most garden environments.

Care Tips: As a relatively low-maintenance plant, you don’t have to do much pruning or worry excessively about the soil in which it is planted. Like with other Caladiums, you do need to keep the soil moist but not soaked. Doing so helps to keep this plant healthy but prevents drowning.

Aaron Caladium – A Fancy Favorite


The Aaron Caladium is a 12-18-inch plant that usually has deep green leaves and a white center. The center is generally quite appealing and provides many attractive decorative options, such as red and pink. Caring for this plant is usually quite simple, as long as you know what to expect here.

Care Tips: Try to place each plant at least 15-inches apart to get the best results. Try to give them partial shade or complete shade for the best overall results. The soil needs are pretty diverse, as it does well in most types with minimal troubles. Water it until the soil is not dry but not soaked.

Candidum Junior – A Smaller Option


Most Caladium plants aren’t incredibly large, but this option is one of the smallest. It has many of the same primary care needs as the Candium but grows much more diminutive. Expect white and green leaves and a size of no more than 11-16 inches, usually more towards the spectrum’s middle-end.

Care Tips: Most of the care tips suggested for the Candium are mirrored here. Try to keep the soil well-drained and light, avoiding a total concentration of UV rays. Watering is best done when the soil is dry and doesn’t require excessive H2O, i.e., there should be no pooling water on the surface.

Florida Sweetheart – Brilliant and Beautiful


As one of the smaller Caladiums (between 6-12 inches), this flower is a good choice as a filler for many gardens. Beyond its small size, it also has beautiful rose-pink flowers that blend well with many garden environments. Try to incorporate them in a way that makes sense for your overall planting needs.

Care Tips: Plant this flower in partial or complete shade whenever possible, though direct sun is okay if shade is not available. Heat and humidity help this plant thrive, so make sure to water the soil regularly. Aerate the ground before you plant to ensure that water can move quickly throughout its surface.

Gingerland – A White Delight


If you want a Caladium that is between 8-14 inches, Gingerland is your option. This creamy-white plant has medium-sized, heart-shaped leaves that are attractive and very easy to integrate into many environments. You may even see some red splotches across the leaves in many situations.

Care Tips: Keep this plant in partial shade to avoid UV damage. If necessary, you can also move it to full shade, though it doesn’t do well here. The pH level doesn’t matter much for this plant, though the soil should be light and easy to drain, meaning you’ll want minimum clay where you plant.