10 Different Types of Umbrella Plants

Umbrella plants, also known as Schefflera, are as gorgeous as they are easy to grow. These plants can instantly brighten up any room, and they can live for years with minimal care.

There are many varieties of umbrella plants that you can choose from, whether you want a small shrub or a tall plant with long leaves.

The best part about Schefflera though is you can control its growth, making it perfect as a bonsai tree.

Here’s a list of 10 different types of umbrella plants that you can easily grow!

1. Dwarf Schefflera

As the name suggests, the dwarf Schefflera grows quite short. This plant only reaches about 4 feet in height. This small size makes it perfect for growing indoors.

Other than its small size, the leaves of the dwarf umbrella plant are easily distinguishable. They’re completely dark green, long, and broad. Additionally, there are about 4 – 11 leaflets per stalk.

Dwarf Schefflera are low-maintenance. They’re relatively disease and pest-free. All you need to do is water it every couple of days. That’s because the soil needs to be completely dry before watering again.

2. Octopus Schefflera

The octopus Schefflera can instantly brighten up any room. This plant is popular for its long, slender leaves. Then, the tree blooms pink blossoms that resemble octopus tentacles, thus the name!

Your octopus tree can grow up to 6 feet tall. However, you can easily prune the plant to your desired size.

This plant is fairly hardy. You’ll only need to put it in a sunny spot and water it once a few inches of the soil have dried.

3. Alpine Schefflera

The alpine Schefflera is a relatively rare house plant. Yet, it’s one of the most beautiful indoor plants to have.

Alpine Schefflera needs a good amount of direct sunlight. Otherwise, the leaves might start to fall rather quickly.

Additionally, this plant needs regular watering. However, you should make sure the soil is dry to the touch before watering.

4. Sunburst Schefflera

Sunburst Schefflera leaves are incredibly unique. Unlike other Schefflera varieties, its leaves are almost entirely bright yellow, with only some green around the edges. That’s where sunburst Schefflera gets its name from!

This plant might also fall under the dwarf Schefflera category. It’s pretty small in size and grows only to about 5 feet tall.

Like other Schefflera plants, it’s fairly easy to grow indoors. Place sunburst Schefflera in direct sunlight and water it every couple of days to get the most gorgeous, bright houseplant.

5. Madame De Smet Schefflera

Though the Madame de Smet umbrella plant might be confused with the sunburst variety, they’re somewhat different.

First, the foliage of Madame de Smet has a non-uniform golden-yellow discoloration, with scattered, glossy, dark green leaves.

Additionally, the leaves of Madame de Smet are considerably longer. Not to mention that the plant itself is larger, reaching approximately 7 feet tall.

Madame de Smet prefers indirect sunlight, as exposure to direct sun might scorch the leaves.

This plant needs warm weather and infrequent watering.

6. Trinette Schefflera

Trinette Schefflera might be one of the most gorgeous indoor plants. It has the best of both worlds with the glossy, green leaves of Madame de Smet, and the bright yellow foliage of sunburst.

You can get either a small or a tall plant with the Trinette Schefflera. It can reach 6 feet tall, yet you can easily trim it down to as small as 2 feet.

This plant is every beginner gardener’s dream. That’s because it thrives both in the shade and in direct sunlight!

7. Janine Schefflera

The miniature Janine Schefflera is definitely fascinating. Most of its leaves are creamy white, with some contrasting emerald green leaves. The leaves are also short and curl at the ends.

This plant is pretty low-maintenance. It rarely gets pests. In addition, you won’t need to mist or fertilize it!

Janine Schefflera prefers dry environments. So, you should place it in indirect sunlight, and water it only when the compost dries.

8. Luseane Schefflera

Luseane Schefflera has some interesting blades. The foliage of this plant is long, slender, and bright green.

This shrub is a beautiful addition to any home. It’s evergreen and grows quite tall, to about 6 feet.

You can plant Luseane Schefflera at any time of the year. It can also thrive with minimal care. All you have to do is provide well-drained soil and place it in an area that gets plenty of indirect sunlight.

9. Gold Capella Schefflera

As the name suggests, gold Capella Schefflera has distinguishable golden foliage. Its leaves are oblong and slender, drooping beautifully over a center stalk.

Gold Capella Schefflera will reach about 3 feet tall. You can also control its size so it’s even shorter!

This plant doesn’t do well in cold weather. Instead, place it in a warm room which gets plenty of indirect sunlight.

10. Schefflera Morototoni

Schefflera Morototoni is by far the most unique variety of umbrella plants. It’s also known as the mountain trumpet due to its long, slender bole that extends to a crown of green leaves.

Though this plant can grow from 6 to 100 feet, as with all other Schefflera varieties, you can easily control its growth.

It’s incredibly low-maintenance. As long as your plant is getting plenty of light and the occasional water, it’ll grow into a beautiful, ornamental, shrub.