10 Beautiful Flowering Succulents

flowering succulents
When it comes to my garden, I have always had an easy time growing any type of flowers that I wanted to grow. On the front side of my house, there is barely any shade, so I thought that a rock garden with a lot of flowering succulents would look great in the space. This is a type of plant that is not going to need a lot of care to grow, and most succulents are drought-resistant plants that will make gardening seem easy.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at 10 of the most beautiful flowering succulents that you can find on the market so that you can create your own creation.

Christmas Cactus

christmas cactus

A Christmas Cactus is a tropical plant that can handle the heat. It is best in temperatures that are between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It will grow in moderate sunlight, and it prefers a bit of humidity to thrive. This is a plant that will grow well in sandy soil, and the pink, purple, or red blooms can be seen around the holidays, which makes them a very popular plant to grow in zones nine through 11. If you are having trouble getting the plant to bloom, then it may need more daylight.

Peanut Cactus

A peanut cactus is a plant that features a bright orange bloom that will appear during the spring of the year. It is a plant that grows best in zones 10 through 12. This cactus has relatively shallow roots, which helps create thick fingers that are shaped a lot like peanuts. They can easily grow to be six inches tall, but they tend to grow out instead of up, and they can grow to be up to 12 inches wide. In most locations, they grow best in full sun, but hotter areas may require a bit of shade.


flowering Aloe

This is a succulent that is great to grow in your home because the juice inside the leaves is great for cuts and burns. In addition, this can be a very beautiful plant that can easily be grown in indirect light. It is a plant that is not going to need to be watered a lot, so to make sure that your plant does not sit in water, you should only give the plant fresh water every three weeks. It will grow best in zones nine through 11.

Orchid Cactus

orchid cactus

Growing best in zones 10 and 11, this is a hardy plant that can grow from five to 10 inches across easily. This is a plant that does not bloom very often; in fact, it typically blooms during the night time just a few times a year. You will notice that this is a plant that will not create blooms during the first two years of growth. Typically, this is a plant that will produce flowers on its own, but give them more light, give them potassium fertilizer, and keep the plant in the same location to grow.

Moon Cactus

This is a plant that is recognizable by the pink, orange, and yellow blooms that it produces. This is also a cactus that does not require a lot of water. In fact, you will always want to be careful when you are giving the plant a drink so that it does not become overly saturated and soggy. Moon Cactus are quite unique; they are typically a single stalk with a bright bulb on the top of their head.



This is also another plant that you will find in zones 10 and 11. The leaves of this succulent are rather gorgeous, and it requires minimal care to grow. I have found that this group grows best with a mixture that is slightly more peat moss than perlite. Do not allow the plant to sit in the water because this can only cause problems for the plant. If you have pets, this is a plant that may be unsafe to grow around them.

Crassula (Jade Plant)

Flowering Crassula

This is another tropical succulent that is going to produce beautiful pink, purple, and white blooms. It will grow best in zones nine through 11, and with the right care, it can grow to be four to six feet tall. It is a drought-tolerant plant that does not require a lot of water, but it does need to have full sun to really thrive. Another feature that makes this a very pretty plant to have around is the blue-green foliage that has tips that change in color to maroon or burgundy.

Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns

Seen most often in zones nine through 11, this is a lovely plant that produces bright red blooms from early spring until late summer. It prefers to grow in temperatures that are between 60 and 96 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a succulent that will do best with a lot of indirect sunlight. It also requires very little water, so make sure that the top of the soil is dry before you give it more.

Carrion Cactus

Carrion Flower Stapelia

Also known as a starfish flower, this is a cactus that has large five-point blooms. The flower itself may look nice, but it actually does not smell all that pleasant. Typically, the flowers are red in color, but they can be more of a brown on some plants. This is a plant that grows best in well-drained soil, and unlike most succulents on this list, it will need to have moist soil to grow.

Opuntia (Prickly Pear Succulent)

This is a succulent that is known to grow well in warm, dry climates. It is often found in zones nine through 11, but some varieties can be found in a wider spread. They grow best in full sun and well-drained soil. In addition, during the months of June and July, you will be able to see red, yellow, and purple blooms. The fruit can also be a variety of colors, which include green, red, orange, and yellow.