Why Is My Croton Dropping Leaves?

If you have a croton plant suddenly dropping leaves, it can result from one of several factors.

Determining what’s upsetting your plant is critical in making adjustments to help bring it back to life and have your croton plant viable and thriving once again.

Why Your Croton Is Dropping Leaves

It’s essential to figure out what could be the cause of the dropping leaves so you can make changes. Some of the more common reasons why a croton plant will lose its leaves include:

  • Soil moisture too high or too low
  • Not enough humidity
  • Under stress
  • Temperature drops
  • Not enough sunlight

Soil Moisture Too High or Too Low

Croton plants are a tropical variety of houseplants. Even when they are not living in tropical climates, they still require a similar environment to thrive. These plants prefer to sit in consistently moist soil but not soaking.

They should have a pot with ample drainage for the soil. This setup will ensure that it will not sit in water continuously, which can create other problems.

croton in a pot

Many times, dropping leaves will be the result of overwatering or underwatering your croton. Try to keep the top two to three inches of soil moist and find a consistent watering schedule so it will never completely dry out. Of course, you don’t want the soil soaking, but it should never be dry to the touch.

Not Enough Humidity

If you reside in a dry climate, your croton may suffer without proper care. Its tropical nature prefers humid areas and will drop leaves if it is too dry. It is easy to provide additional humidity to your plant if your local area is dry.

Use a mister bottle on the leaves often, invest in a humidifier for your home, or use a pebble tray to help provide more humidity. All of these solutions will work well and do not require a significant commitment of time to help take care of your croton plant.

Under Stress

Many plants, including crotons, are sensitive to stress. If you bring them home from the greenhouse, ship them, or move them to different areas, you will notice them dropping leaves suddenly.

This behavior is entirely normal, and once your plant settles, it will return to its normal, healthy state. So, you shouldn’t have to worry anymore after a few days or weeks. But if the leaves continue to drop after some time, it may be due to another issue.

drooping croton

Temperature Drops

Because the croton plant normally resides in tropical climates, it doesn’t like sudden temperature drops. So although they prefer sunlight, try to remember not to open a window on a cool day when your croton plant is near.

Keep your plant in an area away from cool breezes or drafts to ensure that its environment is stable. Areas like doorways and patios will have continuous airflow with foot traffic and can upset your plant and cause dropping leaves.

Not Enough Sunlight

For many homeowners, the sunlight hours will change drastically throughout the year. For example, while your croton plant thrived well in your kitchen during the summer months, once the colder weather hit, it started dropping leaves due to lack of sunlight.

Suppose you notice that a window has significantly less daylight with seasonal changes. In that case, you may want to supplement your croton with a lamp during these months or try finding a different window where it can still receive ample sunlight.

Keeping Your Croton Plant Healthy

healthy croton

Although there are some locations where you can have a croton plant outdoors, often they are indoor plants. No matter where your vegetation is, it’s essential to provide it with the proper environment and care it needs to thrive and grow.

Some tips to keeping your croton plant healthy include:

  • Use a consistent watering schedule
  • Place in a pot with ample water drainage
  • Provide the proper humidity
  • Ensure they are in a stable environment without drastic temperature changes
  • Allow them to receive enough sunlight.

A croton plant can be a beautiful addition to any home when it is thriving. As long as it has the right environment, you are sure to enjoy it for years without issues.

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