You get 15 plant cards that you can download and save or easily print.

Simplify your plant care routine, and never forget how to treat your green friends again!

How to use Plant Care Cards?

  1. Simple and Easy: One card per plant! No more endless searching on the internet or trying to remember the specifics. Your plant’s care is now as easy as looking at a card. You can print them and label your houseplants or just keep them saved to your computer device.
  2. Complete Care Information: Every card provides essential details including:
    • Temperature & Light Requirements: Ensure your plants are always in their happy place.
    • Watering Needs: Never over or under-water your plants again.
    • Fertilizer Recommendations: Keep your plants healthy and thriving.
    • Toxicity to Pets: Keep your furry friends safe.
  3. Exclusive Plant Care Tips: Leveraging our years of research & plant care expertise, we’ve included special tips to keep your plants flourishing.
  4. Visual Identification: A clear photo of each plant ensures you always know which card belongs to which plant.

Plant cards can be saved to your device or printed. No special software is needed.

These cards are available FREE for a LIMITED time!