DIY – How To Build a Terra Cotta Fountain in 7 Steps


“You will always find an answer in the sound of water.”
~ ancient Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi.

Maybe that’s why people love adding a water fountain to their property. These beautiful designs can transform a garden or quiet place in several ways, most notably in a visual aesthetic sense but also as magic to the ears. Building a terra cotta fountain is simpler than you think and inexpensive when the proper materials and instructions are followed. This Terra Cotta Fountain is ideal on a table top for your backyard space or nestled by your flower beds.

Menards Garden Center explains the DIY Terra Cotta Fountain in easy to follow steps at their popular YouTube channel, Menards:

Step 1. Gathering the materials

You will need the following:

Step 2. Preparing the Flower Pots

Begin by spraying the inside of the 14-inch saucer with the clear sealer. Two coats will ensure proper water-proofing.

While the largest saucer is drying, immerse the rest of the saucers and flower pots in a large bucket of water for at least one hour.

That process will allow the terra cotta material to soften, making it a breeze to drill holes and file notches on the saucers anf flower pots.

Step 3. Drilling and Filling

Place the 7-inch saucer over a small block of wood for support, and drill a hole through the center for the tubing to pass through.

Find the lip of the 6-inch flower pot, and that’s where you will file four notches. One of the notches you make has to accommodate the pump’s power cord to pass through, so that one should be larger.

Then file four notches on one of the 4-inch saucers.

Take the 7-inch saucer and file a notch on the lip on a slight downward angle, creating a spout for the water.

Step Four. Attaching the Fountain Pump

Attach the plastic tubing to the fountain pump’s outlet.

Turn the 6-inch pot in an upside down position, and pass the tubing through. The 7-inch saucer will now follow on top, and allow the tubing to continue through the hole.

Trim the end of the tube, and seal the end with clear spray.

Step 5. Installing the Remaining Flower Pots

Place the four-notched 4-inch saucer over the tubing.

The 4-inch flower pot is the next item in the line-up; turn it upside down, and set it down beside the first column. Match the 6-inch saucer, and place it on top.

Take a 4-inch saucer, turn it upside down, for the third column, and position it next to the second column. The last 4-inch saucer will be placed on top.

Step 6. Filling the Fountain With Water

Fill the base with water until it almost reaches the top. Plug the pump into an outlet that is ground fault-protected.

Step 7. Adding the Finishing Touches

Dress up your new terra cotta fountain with pretty potted plants, smooth pebbles, small flower pots or other unique items. Enjoy the wonderful sound of trickling water and its visual beauty. Best of all, you created this gorgeous terra cotta fountain by yourself.