red shrubs

10 Stunning Red Flowering Shrubs

Red is a stunning, eye-catching color. Red is the color of energy, vitality, and passion. That’s one of the reasons that red plants are so incredibly popular. Red also tends …

fragrant shrubs

10 Gorgeous Fragrant Shrubs

I love having great smelling shrubs and plants in my garden, especially near the entrance way to my home. Some of the best smelling flowers that you will find in …

purple flowering shrubs

8 Beautiful Purple Flowering Shrubs

If your favorite color is purple, then spruce up your yard with purple shrubs. You can find great choices that will help you create a privacy row at your home …

drought tolerant shrubs

10 Beautiful Drought-Tolerant Shrubs

Drought-tolerant plants let you have a colorful, healthy garden even when your area isn’t getting the rain it needs. When a plant can tolerate drought, you don’t have to give …

shrubs for shade

10 Shade-Tolerant Flowering Shrubs

Have areas in your garden that get very little sun? Here are some lovely and fast-growing flowering shrubs that can thrive in the shaded areas of your property. Azalea The …

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