9 Cute & Funny Tree-Hugger Decoration Ideas

tree hugger ideas

Tree-huggers are decorations that you can place on trees to put a face on the tree so that it looks like it’s alive.

There are also other tree-hugger decoration ideas that you can consider that will make it seem like an animal is peeking around a tree. This adds a sense of cuteness to the garden, and it brings your personality into the décor of the space. There are quite a few options that we will cover in this guide. Some of the options incorporate frogs, bears, squirrels, and other animals, but there are also elf tree huggers that we will look at as well.

Tree-Hugger Materials

Some tree-huggers are made from durable wooden materials, while others are made from either plastic or poly-resin materials that will be able to resist the elements. Being that these decorations are going to be outside in your garden, you will want to choose options that are water-resistant so that they do not become damaged or faded in the rain and in the sun over time.

Before you decide which one of these tree-hugger decorations will look best in your garden, make sure that the decoration is the right size for the tree that you want to put it on.

1. Hush Frog Tree Hugger

Bits and Pieces - Keep Quiet Frog Tree Peeker - Durable Polyresin Animal Tree-Hugger Sculpture - Lawn and Garden Outdoor Décor Statue>> Check Price <<

This cute little frog is a beautiful piece of décor that looks like it is crafted out of the bark of a tree, but it’s actually made from a durable poly-resin that is water-resistant. The frog is peeking around the tree that you attach it to; its finger is in front of its mouth, letting you know to keep his arrival a secret.

2. Baby Black Bear Tree Hugger

Bits and Pieces - Baby Bear Up a Tree Garden Peeker - Tree Hugger - Outdoor Tree Sculpture - Gifts and Garden Décor Tree Hugger Faces for Trees - Bear Cub Resin Sculpture, 13-3/4" Long x 8" Wide

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Having real bears in your garden can be frightful, but a cute baby bear that is hugging a tree in your garden can add a lot of character to the area. This bear is made from a weather-resistant polyresin material that is sculpted with a realistic look, and the screw holes on the back make it easy to attach to any tree.

3. Elf Peeking Behind a Tree

Bits and Pieces - Garden Peeker Elf Tree Hugger-Polyresin Outdoor Tree Sculpture - Whimsical Garden Decoration

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If you are looking for a tree-hugger that is a little more festive, then this elf tree-hugger is a great option, especially around the holidays. The face is five inches by seven inches, so it should fit against any tree with ease, and the hands can be adjusted to fit your tree. This cute little guy is water-resistant as well.

4. Whispering Wilhelm the Tree Sculpture

Design Toscano Whispering Wilhelm Tree Ent Wall Sculpture, 15 Inch, Polyresin, Full Color

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Wilhelm, who is the Middle Earth Ent, is the perfect addition to any garden. Whispering through his beard of leaves, this face can easily be attached to any tree. The piece was crafted from crushed stone and resin, and it was painted by hand to give it some beautiful detail that will stand out in most outdoor spaces.

5. Bessie the Cow Tree-Hugger Sculpture

Bits and Pieces-Tree Hugger Cow Garden Peeker-Polyresin Outdoor Tree Sculpture - Whimsical Garden Decoration

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If you want a unique garden look, then having cows peeking around the trees in your outdoor space may give you the look that you want. Bessie is a black and white cow who is peeking around the tree to greet you. She has a weather-resistant design that will keep the surface from fading.

6.  Garden Snake Wrapped Around a Branch

Bits and Pieces - Snake on a Branch Tree Hugger - Outdoor Home Décor Tree Statue - 11" Weather Resistant Polyresin Garden Sculpture

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A snake sculpture would be ideal in most gardens or outdoor spaces. It could be a great option for a garden party, especially if a guest thinks that the snake is real. The branch is part of the sculpture, and it has a lot of moss on it, so attaching it to a similar tree will make it look more realistic.

7. A Sly Raccoon Tree-Hugger

GetSet2Save Raccoon Tree Hugger,7-1/2"W x 4-3/4"D x 13-3/8"H

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Raccoons look nice in a garden, but nobody wants a real raccoon in their outdoor space, but this tree-hugger is a great way to include the animal in your décor. The little guy looks so scared hugging the tree, and you can move the arms and the legs to any angle to better grip the tree. This sculpture is made of ceramic to be more durable.

8. Old Man Tree Face with Glasses

Bits and Pieces-Old Man Tree Hugger - Garden Peeker Yard Art - Outdoor Tree Hugger Sculpture Whimsical Tree Face Garden Decoration

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If you want your trees to have faces, then this old man décor will be ideal. Each piece can be attached separately to give you the look that you want, though a tree that is eight inches wide is ideal to ensure the face is not squished. There are glasses attached to the nose, and there is a large mustache above the mouth.

9. Spirit of Nottingham Tree Face

The Spirit of Nottingham Woods: Greenman Tree Sculpture

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This creepy tree face is designed to make it look like your trees are haunted. There are four screw holes that you can use to secure the face to nearly any tree, and once it is in position, it will look like it is part of the tree. It is designed to be resistant to rain and sun as well.