20 Hammock “Hang-out” Ideas for Your Backyard


Our gardens and backyards are there for us to feel comfortable in, and for relaxation. While a nice patio with a table and chairs can be sufficient, sometimes a little spot to really lay back and take in the open air is necessary. After all, who doesn’t enjoy being rocked to sleep by the natural breeze?

You may feel like you don’t have a good spot for a hammock or swinging chair in your backyard, but the reality is that there are so many different styles of hanging furniture, and there is certainly a design option that will fit your space perfectly.

Take a look through these 20 hanging furniture ideas, and decide for yourself what will work best for you and your home!

1. Hillside Hammock


Source: Smith Vansant Architects PC

A traditional hammock may seem too over played and dull, but it’s the simple things that keep us happy in life. Unique placement can make all the difference, as exemplified with this hammock atop a hill, looking out over the yard and house below.

2. Double Patio Hammocks


Cloth hammocks are becoming more and more popular, and you’ll understand why when you sink into one of these hanging from the pillars on your patio! A great way to relax, as well as an interesting way to create a divide from your patio to your garden area.

3. Garden Stand Hammock

Source: HGTV

Surround yourself with your flowers and greenery, and relax with this contemporary hammock idea. If you don’t have a good place to tie a hammock up in your garden, this stand is the perfect alternative!

4. Single Patio Hammock

Keep it simple with this nice red fabric hammock. Hung between two posts on a small wooden patio, this hammock is perfect for a single person looking for a dip in the hot tub, and a spot to lie and enjoy the outdoor air.

5. Triple Hammock Stand


Impress your neighbors and friends with this innovative triple-hammock design! The unique shape of the stand makes it possible for three people to relax in a hammock, while also sharing the same space.

6. Backyard Hanging Bed

A simple hammock isn’t always the best option. Some of us need a little extra support! With this great hanging bed design, enjoy the sway of the wind without sacrificing the comfort of your bed.

7. Patio Hanging Bed

Source: HGTV

Bring the comfort of your bed to your patio, and have space for friends as well, with this large swinging bed design. Hung with a sturdy chain on each corner, this bed will keep you stable and satisfied.

8. Modern Gyro Chair

With its unparalleled design, this outdoor chair cradles you in the usual hammock style. If you are looking for a way to modernize your garden or backyard patio, this may be the best option for you!

9. Poolside Hammock


Source: Pergola Gazebos

Go from relaxing on your back to swimming in your pool, with this convenient trellis hung hammock idea. If you don’t have the money or time for a man made structure like this, any pair of trees or set of poles next to your pool will work just fine!

10. Chesapeak 4-Pole Hammock


With four poles for support, this hammock offers a little extra stability, without compromising that “swing” that we all love. The stand design also makes this hammock perfect for any garden or backyard.

11. Hanging Mesh-Wire Chair


Source: Sunset

Hang out by your lonesome and get some reflecting done in this unique hanging chair. With a mesh wire design and cushion, this chair is stylish and comfortable.

12. Large Tree Hammock and Swinging Bed

Source: HGTV

Discover your adventurous side, and lay out in the tree tops with this large rope hammock. If heights aren’t for you, you can always waltz up to the swinging bed, and get your relaxation time in a more stable way.

13. Lighted Hammock


Source: Pinterest

This traditional hammock hangs between two trees, while the entire space is accented by exterior lights strung up in the trees, and a homely side table.

14. Backyard Fabric Hammock


Hang up a fabric hammock like this one in your backyard space to provide that higher level of leisure. As shown above, having only one tree available is no problem as long as you have the means to install a pole.

15. Hanging Sphere Chair


Sit back and relax in style with this unusual hanging sphere design. With its own stand, it can be moved anywhere with level ground and has a cushion for optimum comfort.

16. Garden Patio Hammock


Source: Better Decorating Bible

Hanging privately in this square patio, this hammock gives you a secluded spot to relax and enjoy your garden. Escape from worldly distractions, and let nature surround you.

17. Rock Patio Fabric Hammock

on the hammock

Hung stylishly between two trees, this hammock offers a place of leisure in the middle of a lush garden. A stone path leads up to the space with a rock patio beneath.

18. Hanging Barrel Chair

Source: Oregon Live

Suspended with a metal link chain, this unique barrel seat design serves as a comfortable chair for a single person, or an intimate love seat for two.

19. Triple Hammock Trellis

white hammocks

Source: Better Decorating Bible

Delicate white hammocks hang on three sides of this garden trellis, and the beautiful lavender flowers accent the space well. Find yourself in an elegant bliss with a design like this in your own backyard!

20. Hanging Pillow Chair


Source: Pergola Gazebos

A large and stuffed pillow hangs by all four corners with this creative swinging chair design. Hang this seat up beneath a covered deck or patio to avoid weather damage.