Absolutely Adorable DIY Gnome Doors


The world of gnomes and fairies is a mysterious one. You may be quick to write it off as fantasy, an illusion created long ago to explain missing socks and stolen cheese, and you may be right. But what if you aren’t? What if there is a whole world out there just beyond our human sight?

We like to think it’s a possibility. Gnomes and fairies are always welcomed guests in our gardens, and we like to try to make the space as hospitable as possible for the occasional tiny visitor. That’s why we decided to put together this post of four great DIY gnome door designs!

You may be thinking “well, a door is useless if it doesn’t lead anywhere”, to which we would answer: “It’s magic, silly!”. These doors are meant to be filled with magical mystery, and childlike imagination. They are the perfect addition to any garden, and as you will see, to any home interior as well!

Take a look at these finished designs, and think of how you could tweak and adapt them to fit perfectly into your own garden setting. We’ve included links to all the original projects so you can follow those to get a good step by step process!

Create A Gnome Door – Outdoor Decor


Image byDream A Little Bigger

This adorable little Gnome Door is well crafted and actually pretty easy to make. It will look great against any tree in your backyard, or even against a large rock or garden shed. With some standard plywood, wood stain, a good saw, and a small door handle, you can make your own version of this simple design and add some fantasy to your garden! For step by step instructions with pictures, visit Dream A Little Bigger.

Fairy Door Tutorial


Image by: Mommy Blessings

This little entryway into the world of fairies and gnomes is actually located in a public park! But if you have a good spot to place one in your private garden, the design will certainly work there too! This door takes a little more effort and finesse, but with some dedication, you can create a similar or even better design! The designer gives some great tips in her blog about the best process for making a door like this. We think it’s absolutely worthy of checking out!